You will not leave any grandkids behind — Pastor Ng’ang’a curses out at Kenya Railways bosses

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Feb 5th 2020 at 13:01
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Neno Evangelism Centre Pastor James Ng'ang'a, on Sunday, February 2, dismissed talk that his church was built on land that belongs to the Kenya Railways Corporation.

In a video doing rounds online, the preacher warns the bosses against reclaiming the piece of land, warning of dire consequences.

He said that preachers can bless and curse and it was about time to engage in the latter.

“I swear before God, hutabakisha hata mjukuu duniani hapa, (we will not leave even one grandchild alive on the face of the earth).

“The owner of this field had a bank that borrowed money from the Central Bank. The bank went under and Central Bank seized its property which it sold to get money to pay back [the] depositors.

“Will I keep issuing blessings? We also curse. It is inconceivable that people wake up to joke with a man of God. Which God are you playing with?” he asked.

According to a letter by Kenya Railways Corporation MD Philip Mainga, the church stands on property that was initially reserved for the corporation.

Further, it stated that the parcel would be reclaimed since it was not converted from public to private use as per the law.

“(The church) encroaches on land initially reserved for railway use… Historical records in our possession indicate that the land bound by Haile Selassie Avenue, Uhuru Highway and Bunyala Road in which various railway infrastructure are contained was reserved for railway use,” the letter stated.

“It has, however, been established that new grants on portions of the land were issued by the Commissioner of Lands in around 1994 without the consent of the corporation,” read the letter in part.

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