My Experience: How love changed my life

By Edwin Okeyo | Wednesday, Feb 5th 2020 at 11:17
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“Hey, what makes you so clumsy? I see why I have to beat you now and then to drive sense into your microscopic brain. You are truly a disgrace to my lineage, and I feel totally downtrodden every time I see you.”

My dad used to shout at me and flog me almost all the time I came across him. However much my mum did all her best to calm me and to try and make me happy I still found myself being hurt by the actions my dad did to me. I felt like puking every time I saw him, and my mum knew this. I cannot recall how many psychology sessions I had attended in an attempt to calm my anger towards him. Things got worse when the school bully used to make me do things I never imagined human beings could do to animals, let alone fellow human beings.

One day as I was traveling with my mum to the countryside, we were involved in a horrible road accident — Ahead-On collision with a truck that reduced our otherwise beautiful Maybach to a piece of scrap metal. Unfortunately, mom could not make it out of the scene alive. I was lucky to have come out unconscious, and I spent the rest of my next three months in a comma under intensive care.

The pain of losing my mother did not hurt as much as the thought of spending the rest of my life under the custody of my father, who never expressed anything but hate towards me. The memories I had made with my mom were all gone with her. Not because I cared the least but because I lost my memories in the carnage.

On the day I got back to school, I got first to meet Brad, and I couldn’t recall that he was a bully, so I just went ahead and gave him a kind gesture because he was such a charming guy. His beard and sideburns made him look more attractive. But he didn’t reciprocate my good deed at first with kind gestures, but he went ahead to start teasing me. It was such a difficult time: I could barely recall anything, let alone my name or the concepts that I had learnt.

And it seemed as if Brad was shocked by my signs of goodwill, he then proceeded to tell me that in such a long time he had never met a student who was kind to him. I felt like an angel, but still, I could not trust anyone because I was having a new perception of the people I got to meet. He got to ask me out for lunch several times, but I never gave him a chance because I was afraid of someone getting to hurt my innocence. The loss of my mother gravely shook my father, and he spent most of his time finding solitude in alcohol and crying his heart out. He got so careful not to hurt, and maybe he had started to love me once again.

One evening, I texted Brad and told him that I was free and comfortable going out for dinner with him. I can’t deny the fact that I had genuinely fallen in love with this guy, and he was a source of happiness to my heart. He was among the few people who cared enough not to give me long stares when I walked on the school corridors. Of course, for such an occasion, we get to wear our very best outfit to stand out. And just as I hoped things would turn out, he approached me with a flower, and I sobbed tears of joy. He told me that he had liked me so much, and nothing had changed his life more than my sign of good gesture.

I fell in love with a bully on that night and spent the next several months getting to love him more and more. I don’t know if it was bound to happen, but then on our second anniversary, he took me a tranquil park and said he had a confession to make. I was keen to listen, and then amid tears, he started to give me the whole story. The tales that made me appreciate the accident cause it swept away all the pain. I couldn’t blame him either way. I could only thank him for adding sugar to my past and turning the pain into sweet memories.

He told me how he used to make me hate school. How I drifted in and out of depression because of what he made me go through. Maybe the accident was just a crowning ceremony to end my pain and rid my memory of all my dark past. I could not resist myself from sobbing. I truly loved this guy, and what had happened in the past could not make me do anything to wipe all the good, and great times we had together. I did not have to force myself to forgive him because I knew it had taken a deep conviction to be able to make such a hefty confession.

A soft, warm, and calming embrace was enough to reassure him of the situation and show that I had forgiven him. Love had changed my dad to a calm and non-violent man and had yet changed a bully to the spring of love that my soul rose from.

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