Five ways to deal with a broke Kenyan boyfriend this Valentines

By Rose Murugi | Wednesday, Feb 5th 2020 at 10:48
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So you guys have been dating for a while, and Valentines is around the corner. You have expectations about how the day will unfold, maybe a nice dinner date at a good hotel, being taken on an adventure, or even a thoughtful gift from your loved one. However, the only problem is they are broke and cannot be able to treat you this time around. If you have a completely broke boyfriend, here is how to handle that situation in 2020.


Be understanding

If they are hardworking individuals who happen to be broke, try to understand them. This is especially if they have treated you out numerous times before or catered for the bill in the past. If they’ve come through in the past, chances are they would have now, except for the fact that they are financially constrained. Don’t complain, sulk, or activate the silent treatment. Understand them because you’re not really in that relationship for good times only, when the tough times come, face them together too.


Manage your expectations

If you have realistic expectations, you won’t face disappointment if they can’t deliver. This does not mean you shouldn’t have standards, but if you already know they don’t have any cash, then don’t expect a really expensive gift. Hint at something within their price range or something they can manage at this point in time.



If you know your boyfriend does not have money now, why not sit down and discuss the affordable options you can indulge in this Valentines? What’s a relationship without communication? You’d be surprised at the fun options you can come up with together without breaking the bank.


Treat him

If he has been taking you out and catering for the bill or just being a really loving boyfriend, why not do something special for him this time? Reciprocate this time. Buy tickets to concerts of his favourite local artists, buy him something very thoughtful (not handkerchief, boxers or socks), or plan a nice picnic with an amazing location and view. Prepare his favourite food and accompany it with a clever gift.


Replace him

If he has never made an effort to celebrate any major life event in your life, then it’s serious. In addition, if he has not been treating you right or hasn’t risen up to your expectations, then just find someone who will make you his priority.


In the end, men who love their women will try to make an effort to make them feel loved, whether they are broke or not. The effort is noticed and appreciated by your woman, no matter the financial constraints being faced at that particular time. When women feel loved and appreciated, you’ll have a happy home and life.

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