Lucy Gatimu – Osama called and apologized, we forgave him

By Fay Ngina | Tuesday, Feb 4th 2020 at 10:19
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Lucy Gatimu has forgiven Osama Otero after he insulted her on Twitter.

Through her social media handle, the mother of two said that Otero called and apologized for what he said.

“I want to inform everyone is that @osamaOtero called us with my girls and he apologized and we have forgiven him...we are good, “ said Lucy. 

On Sunday February 2, Osama put up a post asking Kenyans to support each other. However, when Lucy commented and asked for help to assist her two children in getting school uniform, Osama harshly responded to her.

“Start with me niko na my two girls wako shule na nahitaji extra uniform niache kufua kila siku” read the post by Lucy.Loosely translates to “I have two girls who are in school and they need extra uniforms so that I stop washing theirs every day.”

Osama then responded and asked Lucy to sell the phone she is using to tweet, buy her kids uniform and buy a cheaper phone with the money that remained. 

Her response, however, is what caught the attention of netizens. Lucy apologized to Otero for offending him in any way. 

“Wooi sikua na ubaya, I was just requesting, I'm sorry kama nimekuudhi by asking for help,” Lucy responded. 

Osama later asked Lucy to use her mind properly, and that is when hell broke loose. Kenyans on Twitter condemned Osama for treating Lucy so harshly, that she got more offers than she expected. Her story become the topic of the day on social media and on radio stations. According to those who tried sending money to Lucy, most of them said they could not since her Mpesa reached the maximum amount. 

Others offered to buy her kids uniform and even pay for her rent. 

On February 4, Lucy thanked all the people who came to her aid, stating that she lacks words to express her joy.

“Thank you soo much guys for the love you have showed us...I lack words to express how we feel what we are sure is that we really appreciate and My God remember this kindness you have done and answer all your desire and come through for you all,” stated Lucy. 

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