Police reveal details of city-bound bus with modified under-floor, secret storage bins

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Jan 30th 2020 at 15:18
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The National Police Service on Thursday revealed that it had intercepted a Nairobi-bound bus from Dadaab, plate number KBX 267K, and upon inspecting it found that the under-floor had been illegally modified.

According to a statement to newsrooms, the under-floor of the passenger compartment had been fitted with secret storage bins which were full of contraband goods.

49 cartons of Batook chewing gum; five boxes with 1000 sachets of painkillers; 286 tins of Red Cow milk powder; 37 tins of Anchor milk powder and 42 tins of Nura milk powder were found.

Police also warned that the manner of the partitions was a security concern since the vehicle could be used to ferry dangerous weapons.

The driver of the bus and his two conductors were arrested and handed over to Ngutani Police Station.

Inspector General Hilary Mutyambai vowed to ensure all residents of Kenya are safe, adding that he would not relent in his fight against illegitimate businesses.

“My office is in consultation with other relevant authorities with a view to taking appropriate action on culpable individuals and organisations in the transport sector involved in such illegitimate business.

“Equally, motor vehicle body fabricators who consciously and knowingly design or modify vehicles to aid in committing offences shall not be spared,” he said.

Adding: “We will relentlessly fight terrorism on all fronts, including but not limited to, pursuing the enemy’s operatives, financiers and sympathizers irrespective of their demographics.”

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