Residents of an apartment in Ruaka celebrate after landlord reduces rent by Sh5,000 due to tough economic times

By Standard Reporter | Wednesday, Jan 29th 2020 at 15:18
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Not often do you come across a considerate landlord/landlady who is kind enough to reduce rent by Sh1000, let alone Sh5,000.

In fact, in most cases, rent is usually adjusted upwards and if you dare voice your concerns you will be met with ‘Kama huwezi hama. Kuna mwengine ataingia’.

Well, this was not the case for residents of an apartment in Nairobi’s Ruaka Estate where the landlord informed them that he would be reducing rent by Sh5,000 due to the tough economic times.

He did this via a well-written letter that was delivered to all the tenants.

Now, this is not your ordinary landlord who looks for used chalk and charred wood to put across his message in broken English.

The message looked well-thought-out and was quite appealing to the eye. Some landlords should definitely borrow a leaf.

“In consideration of the prevailing economic situation in Kenya, the landlord has decided to lower your monthly rent from Sh35,000 to Sh30,000 with effect from 1st February 2020.

“This rate will apply for the next 12 months and we will do another review before February 2021. All other services will be billed as usual,” read the notice.

That said, some of the residents of the said apartment could not help but share the great news online but netizens argued that it might be a tactical move to ensure they do not shift anytime soon.

“That deal is too good to be true,” wrote one netizen.

“I dont not think this is about the landlord. Its evidence of the housing bubble bursting. I can bet, and maybe you wdnt want to admit, there're more empty houses possibly than those that have been occupied. The landlord is just trying to retain the curreny ones & attract others,” wrote another.

“This is fantastic news kwanza January meeeeeen if our landlords lower our rent by 5k he will be forced to pay us occupational fees of 1200 each.”

“If my landlord reduced my rent with 5000, he will be forced to pay me 1500 each month.”

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