Netizens question state of police officer filmed while drunk

By Fay Ngina | Wednesday, Jan 29th 2020 at 11:21
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A section of Kenyans on Twitter have questioned the state of the police officer who was filmed while drunk in Meru County.

In the video which has since gone viral, the uniformed officer, Constable James Muthaura, is seen sitting on the floor while the residents are heard asking him to stand.

Muthaura, who is attached to Giaki Police Station in Meru county, was on duty at the Meru Law Courts.

In a letter addressed to the officer, Muthaura did not give any reason as to why he absconded his duties and went to Meru town at noon to get drunk.

"On Tuesday January 28, at 11am at Meru law courts, you were to report for court orderly duties as per the weekly order ending Saturday February 1."

"However, without any reasonable course, you left the said place before being relieved and on the same day at noon at Meru town, you drunk intoxicated liquor while in police uniform," read part of the letter.

The officer was also asked to respond in writing why disciplinary action should not be taken against him for acting irresponsibly while in police uniform.

"Therefore, you are required to respond to this matter in writing explaining why disciplinary action should not be taken against you for committing an offence intoxicating liquor or psychotropic substance or drugs in uniform when actively engaged in a public place contrary to section 88 cap 2 as read with the eight schedule one of the police service act No 11A of 2011," read the letter.

After a while, one of his colleagues is seen helping him stand, but the officer was too drunk to walk on his own.

However, while several Kenyans condemned the act, others questioned the motives that led to the officer getting drunk while on duty, with most of them citing depression.

Wekesa Barasa said, “Let me hope that the officer will be assisted out of the sorry state n not punished! Only God knows the horrors some of the uniformed officers go through!”

His sentiments were echoed by John Munga who said “It's sad how the society is quick to judge the Officer! He could be depressed maybe due to bad relationship, hard economic times or something else. Who knows.”

Rossie Gicks said, “The guy looks depressed despite being drunk and still on duty he needs help kudos to his fellow work mate who came to his rescue.”

Other Kenyans commended the colleague who came to his rescue amid the humiliation. Untitled Poll

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