Entrepreneurship is not meant for everyone, if you excel in employment stick to that

By Standard Reporter | Tuesday, Jan 28th 2020 at 15:31
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“I want to start my own business after employment… You can never become rich if you are employed.”

These are some of the statements we hear everyday as people speak on the cons of employment.

The youth are often encouraged to venture into entrepreneurship – never mind the fact that no one cares where they will get their capital from.

The truth is, not everyone was cut out for entrepreneurship and there is nothing wrong with that.

There is a notion that those who have started a business are ‘smarter’ than those with 8-5 jobs. This is not true.

While some thrive in opening and running businesses, others thrive in proper structures of employment.

These are people who will leave school, look for an internship, perform so well that they will be employed immediately after.

They will then rise through the ranks with exemplary performances and their lives will undergo drastic change, for the better.

Then there are others who never feel satisfied at the workplace and often see the need to earn a few extra coins on the side.

They might decide to have a ‘side hustle’ or leave the company altogether. Business-minded people are risk-takers who are not afraid to lose.

They identify opportunities quickly and see how they can make a kill at the earliest opportunity.

So how can you tell entrepreneurship is not meant for you; You think it is the easiest way to become richYou like being in your comfort zoneYou cannot think of problems to solveYou procrastinate a lot


How to know you are meant for entrepreneurship You wake up eager to build new thingsYou dislike the status quoYou are not afraid to failYou are passionate about problems

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