Tired Kenyans call out courts hours after mysterious anti-judiciary banners are erected in Nairobi

By Babu Tendu | Tuesday, Jan 28th 2020 at 11:51
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Kenyans were on Tuesday morning treated to the view of mysterious banners erected within Nairobi city which protested the judiciary.

The banners contained different messages directed to the judiciary majorly accusing the body of slow processes and unfair judgment.

“The Akashas were free in Kenya for over four years with cases but were jailed in two months by a USA court, we demand a working judiciary free of corrupt judges now”

“Why is the majority of inmates in Kenya the poor people? “we demand a working judiciary free of corrupt judges now”

“Will Kidero Sonko or Waititu ever step in jail for corruption? we demand a working judiciary free of corrupt judges now” three of the banners read.

The banners were strategically placed in locations visible to motorists and passengers. The entity behind the banners is yet to be identified.

Those who saw the banners were quick to post the photos on social media an act that created a platform for Kenyans to air their frustrations towards the judiciary.

Omondi - Can this be the beginning of a revolution? Or the people are just condemning the judiciary under Justice Maraga?

Nicolas Osero - The release of Babu Owino is clear indication that CJ Maraga and his judicially battalions have failed kenyans. Kenya can do better with Judiciary.

Brianna Kemunto - CJ Maraga and the Judiciary should be held accountable for failing millions of Kenyans across the country.

The relationship between the Judiciary and the Executive has been frosty, the president cited court injunctions as one of the reasons why the country has no more money to allocate the judiciary.

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