Disgusting video of man eating newborn mouse with a pair of chopsticks

By Mirror | Saturday, Jan 25th 2020 at 10:39
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A revolting video has emerged of a man eating live baby mice with chopsticks.

Footage shows the man taking a sip from his wine and picking up a baby mouse with a pair of chopsticks before dipping it into a dish of sauce.

He flips the mouse around and picks it up, then sinks his teeth onto the poor animal.

It's unclear where the video was taken, but the dish the man was having is known as 'Three Squeaks' - an uncommon dish in Guangdong area of south-east China.

The newborn mice are usually seasoned with honey and wine seasonings.

It was given the name as the mouse squeaks when it is picked up from the dish, dipped into the sauce and put into the mouth.

The clip, believed to have taken in 2018, surfaced recently amidst coronavirus fears.

One person online wrote: "Holy s***. Why am I not surprised that they catch the virus from eating this?"

Another one said: "I literally want to throw up. I can't watch this."

Up until midnight on January 25, China's National Health Commission had confirmed 41 deaths and 1,287 patients across 29 provinces and cities.

Thailand has reported five cases, Singapore, France and Taiwan three, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea and the United States two apiece, and Nepal one.

The World Health Organisation said while the outbreak was an emergency for China, it was not yet a global health emergency.

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