Why the wedding ring is likely not to arrive anytime soon ladies

By Eric Mbalamusomah | Friday, Jan 24th 2020 at 15:43
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In my line of duty as a relationship therapist, early this year, I meet a group of young ladies in one of the popular discotheques in the city, who are actively involved in sex.

I asked them their opinion about why, at their age, they find it so hard to settle for one partner and get married, instead of clubbing and squandering all their hard-earned cash.

But one evident thing is that this generation suffers from a disease called "Anxiety."

During our conversation at around 3 am when probably Dj Kicks was tired of massaging the wheels of steel and the level of alcohol in my "friends" stomach (s) was now reading below 20% as the booming dance hall music faded away, ushering in a new serene filled with breath-taking and soul-soothing love songs, creating an ideal environment for my topic of the night.

Suddenly Meddy's hit song "Slowly" hit the airwaves, and all the ladies yelled their hearts out, and within a blink of an eye, the then empty the dance floor was back to life.

Getting a little bit impatient with the unfolding events as morning approaches, and I'm yet to have something tangible for my interview. As the boys were still calculating their exit moves with their "fisillets" having the last gulps of their drinks after seemingly a tiresome night of pouncing on their innocent prey on the dance floor dancing to high-pitched dance hall tunes.

I swiftly took advantage and joined the ladies on the dance floor, stretching my hands out to "Jasmine" the curviest of them all who positively responded by putting her arms around my waist as the breath-taking lyrics of Meddy spears down our hearts apart, both of us feeling each other’s scent and breath, singing along. "Do you believe in love; how crazy it could be? Baby baby stop.... take it easy......When you leave. I swear I can't breathe."

As the song takes an instrumental break, I popped up the question again to "Jasmine" my "Soul mate" on the dance floor.

The answer she gave me was not new. It was like I'm re-reading the same book I have been reading the whole of my career. "How can I be sure he will marry me?" Asked ever-smiling "Jasmine" as the music takes us to another level of closeness and tightness after dancing alone for the part of the night.

My Take:

This is my advice to my dance floor "Soul mate" and other ladies out there. When getting into a relationship, do not be over-ambitious. Being in a relationship is like reading a novel. You can't read the last chapter expecting to understand the occurrences of the previous chapters.

It is simple. Just take your time to understand who you're dating or having an affair with. Ladies, men are cunning human beings. No man who wants to settle down with you will spend the whole night with you clubbing buying you all sorts of drinks available in the counter. No man will take you seriously and introduce you to his parents if you're that sort of a lady whose dress code is wanting, exposing your thighs, cleavage e.t.c.

A friend of mine once told me, "It's funny how women are full of jealousy and men full of lust."

But the truth is, men are more jealous than women. No existing man on the planet earth can allow his wife or fiancee to expose her "Matrimonial sacred land" in the name of fashion to every Tom, Dick, and Harry to see, leave alone touching her either in private or public.

Ladies, a man who always invites you for a drink at night and suggests that you should dress to kill, is the killer himself as you will turn into his "Mutton" for the night.

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