Desperate approaches triggered by financial strain

By ELIAS GITHINJI KARUOYA | Friday, Jan 24th 2020 at 09:59
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A delayed salary, deal gone sour, joblessness, and January are among agents that often render us broke. Sustenance is then a pure gamble, and the oddest and remote hacks often feature in our routines in a bid to facilitate survival. While some of these hacks are modest, others are out rightly off. Accordingly, the following are probable eventualities:

1. A warm bath is evidently a lucrative endeavor in impoverished circumstances, given the costs of fuel and electricity. However, a cold bath being outside the norm will ultimately leave you in astonishment at whoever placed ice cubes in the bathwater.

2. Warming food, while you can just add pepper to it and make it feel hot is considered economic sabotage then.

3. The idea of passing close by or lingering around a bank is consoling. In any case, the proximity may just as well take its toll on you.

4. It feels rather comforting to count money in front of the mirror, just so it feels like it is twice as much.

5. Frustrations prompt thoughts like, “if only apples could be used to make stew; now that they are cheaper than tomatoes.”

6. While on the go, snacking on all the money in one’s possession, reserved as fare anyway, courtesy of irresistible cravings, only to end up walking all the way to one’s destination.

7. Pitiful feeding tendencies like having ugali and salted popcorns for supper for lack of alternatives.

8. With prolonged poor feeding, emaciation sets in, sparking the necessity for getting the now baggy clothes slimmed to fit.

9. An enhanced mastery for one’s neighborhood courtesy of the search for alternative routes in an effort to avoid a confrontation with the local shopkeeper or “mama mboga” for long overdue debts.

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