Ahmednasir to give security guard Sh1million to start his dream business

By Vincent Kejitan | Friday, Jan 24th 2020 at 09:36
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Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi on Thursday revealed that he had met a security officer whose touching story moved him.

Through a series of tweets, Ahmednasir narrated how he came across the man who stays near Lenana School and walks 15km daily to work.

The man, whose name was not revealed, earns Sh12,000 and has two kids.

Ahmednasir stated that he was touched by the man’s desire to provide for his family despite his difficult working conditions and pledged to reward him with Sh1million to start his dream business venture.

“Gave a lift to this hardworking Kenyan...he works as a security officer in Lavington and stays near Lenana school...he walks 15 kilometres a day...to work and from work...

“He told me many things like his affection for Malcom X.. the havoc the Sexual Offences Act has caused in the slums. "Justice Njoki made very bad law" he said...and then his family.

“He has two kids and he is very proud that "I buy every book the school asks my kids to get" he said.

Ahmednasir gave him his telephone number and asked him to visit him on February 15, 2020, when he intends to surprise him with capital.

“He earns Kshs 12K a month...I shed tears when he told me about his 2 kids. When he alighted I gave him some money and he said "my kids will have SOUP tonight"...I also gave him my phone number.

“He is coming to see me on 15th February with his wife...and there and then I decided to pleasantly surprise him and his wife when they come to see me on 15th...from my clients, friends and myself I will give him and his wife Kshs 1 million to start some small Biashara.

“I know we have millions like him but who said Allah can't help his servant through another one?” wrote the Senior Counsel.

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