You don't have to be vulgar to sell your music

By Charles jb | Thursday, Jan 23rd 2020 at 10:01
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Sexualization of literature peaked at the dawn of American Hip hope, pop music eg, Johnny Cash - "A Boy Named Sue" (1969), Who - "Who Are You" (1978), Cee Lo Green - "F**k You" (2010) among others and gangster rap music. Jamaica ventured into it through dancehall music with new artists amplifying sexist artistry in their raps coming after great artists like Tanya Stephens, Queen Ifrica, Sister Nancy, and others. Another highly provocative piece was dine by Ring Ding 'Dr. Kitch.'

Closer home Fela Kuti with his highly provocative 'beng beng beng' Afro music stirred the spirit of the dead. Sadly, he died of HIV/AIDS.

Today when you go through most of what passes as poems and short stories, you cannot help but notice a highly sexualized language bordering on lurid texts (they hardly use any form of artistic style, especially euphemism). While thinking, they are getting there due to the supposedly positive responses they get from equally low minded followers; they fail to realize that much of what they churn out only lowers the dignity of their mothers, daughters and or sisters for turning the females reproductive part the object of their dirty writings.

While Ezekiel Mutua is getting barbs over his stance on such language as of m.....s and...mbez' kind in the music industry in Kenya, social media is awash with half-baked minds who glorify sex and anything to do with a woman middle structure. Such were the boys and probably girls who took most of their time drawing naked women on desks and school and still thought it was alright to do that.

Why such music and poems will excite a certain set of age groups, it would not take you much far unless you are probably an international artist. Still, it's vulgar like Mr. Ring Ding.

Cane Cutter believes that the world has lots of things one can write about more than just a woman's anatomy or a man's reproductive organ to impress his/her audience.

Writing about love or the love of your life must not necessarily be about what happens when the sun goes over the hills of Abatuti village.

This is just a reflection of a Cane Cutter. You don't have to agree with it

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