Bishop urges nation to repent, says locusts are sent by God as punishment

By Dickson Wekesa | Tuesday, Jan 21st 2020 at 14:38
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A Kilifi Bishop has revealed that the locust invasion being witnessed in several parts of the country is a 'plague' that is biblical and was brought by 'God' to punish the nation after the leadership erred.

Bishop Thomas Kakala of Jesus Cares Centre Ministries said the locusts were a symbol of punishment by God for going against his wishes and will only be resolved by serious prayers.

Speaking in his Malindi office, the preacher said locusts were among 10 punishments issued by God in Egypt because the ruler then was arrogant and against the will of God.

He said a national prayer day should be convened immediately and compared Kenya to Tanzania saying the latter has now turned into a food basket under the leadership of President John Magufuli.

Kakala also lamented the fact that the BBI debate had turned into a battle targeting the Deputy President William Ruto instead of sensitizing people about it.

''I am not defending Ruto, he has his sins and everyone has his own sins…why is it only Ruto being mentioned,'' he asked.

Adding: ''Kenya must change and turn to God, people should repent their sins, and this begins with the King to call his prophets and organize a national prayer day.”

Quoting the Bible, he said whenever God wanted to punish a King he used to send plagues.

''I am watching and have no problem with anyone… the locusts are God sent because of the problems of the rulers,'' he said.

Kakala said the only remedy Pharaoh used was to call Moses and repent but current political leadership has no prophets the way David had Nathan as a prophet.

''I call upon people to repent and turn back to God, stop killing people, doing evil things to others and go back to God, '' he said.

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