Boy who reported to school with just soap gets fees paid for four years

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Jan 21st 2020 at 11:01
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Levin Rabah reported to Kanga High School with only two bars of soap safely placed inside his metallic box.

He was hopeful that the school would be gracious enough to admit him even though he had not paid a single penny.

His photo quickly made rounds on social media and within a day, so many well-wishers expressed their interest to assist him.

Comedian Jalang’o was among those who were touched by Rabah’s story and he mobilized friends to help him get everything he needed.

On Monday, Jalas revealed that he was not done yet as he flew off to Kisumu.

Through his social media handles, the Milele FM host said the boy’s school fees for four years will be paid and some funds will be set aside to open a business for his mother.

“Off to Kanga High school to finish the story of Levin Rabah! The boy who reported with two bar soaps.

“With me is his 4 years’ school fees and whole term shopping! So we fly to Kisumu 45mins then drive to Migori county through Kisii.

“That’s 2hrs away. I will be at Kanga God willing at 3pm latest. We also plan to visit the mum in the village then drive back to Kisumu for 8pm flight…” said Jalas.

He thanked all those who aided the boy, including those who selflessly donated after a Paybill account was created for Rabah.

Further, Jalas stated that he would then proceed to Gertrude’s Hospital to visit Baby Andy Murithi who is battling spinal muscular atrophy.

“We will achieve this!! Together we will do more! Let’s not wait for anyone to help, we can hold each other’s hand and change one life at a time. If we can help 1 person per week then this Year will just be good! God bless you,” he said.

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