Viral video of man performing indecent act in Nairobi CBD angers Kenyans

By ELIAS GITHINJI KARUOYA | Tuesday, Jan 21st 2020 at 09:44
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A video of a man self-administering sexual relief in broad daylight, at a city’s public space has emerged. The video went viral just moments after it was shared by a twitter user, eliciting mixed reactions among the netizens.

How the man could muster the courage to overtly pull such a gross act, defeated the contemplation of many Kenyans. While the lad, depicted incognito in the video remains at large, the extreme act could point out to underlying mental disturbances potentially linked to a number of pent-up issues.

Kenyans have responded to the incident with assertions that the man could indeed use some professional help.

However, concerns have also emerged around the safety of vulnerable entities in Nairobi’s streets, such as minors, where individuals with such superlative degrees of sexual perversion are in our midst.

Apparently, the act is not a first of its kind since more accounts on similar incidences continue to surface within the conversations sparked by this occurrence.

The originator of the video has since received a fair share of bashing from a section of Kenyan’s who feel that recording and subsequently sharing the video is inappropriate.

But many more internet users have come to her defense, citing the need to expose the murk that is characteristic of the city streets as sufficient grounds for making the video public.

Significantly, the source of the video remarks that she had briefly held onto it, since recording the same, courtesy of some intrinsic moral debate.

However, she ultimately felt that it was worth sharing widely to champion for surveillance and vigilance, as people go about their routines.

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