Can Moses Kuria become president?

By RAPHAEL MUCHIRI WANJOHI | Tuesday, Jan 21st 2020 at 08:29
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Before we assess whether Moses Kuria can become president or not, we need first to understand him as a person. Moses Kuria is a Kenyan-born politician and a Member of Parliament for Gatundu South constituency, Kiambu County. He is also a coalition member of the Jubilee Alliance. Moses Kuria was born in 1971, and as of 2019, he was 48 years old. He is married to Joyce Njambi, and together they have two sons. He studied at the University of Nairobi, where he pursued Bachelor of Commerce.

As we all know, Moses Kuria is a controversial politician who has been arrested countless times in the past. He had been arraigned in court for engaging in hate speech both on social media and political rallies. The recent incident involved Moses Kuria harassing a woman on a local radio station. He was arrested and taken to Kilimani police station. Currently, he appears in a law court to argue his case. He is known to be a big-time critic of Raila Odinga. I guess that’s why some people hate him. But in this post, I would like us to look under the hood and find out who Moses Kuria is by thinking beyond his aggressive and irritant personality.

Moses Kuria has, in the past, shed light on some mistakes made by Uhuru and the Jubilee government, in general. For example, he was the one who revealed to us that the National Treasury cooked books of accounts and cheated Kenyans on the state of the economy. He claimed that the former Treasury CS Henry Rotich and his PS Kamau Thugge were fabricating the statement of accounts to show that the economy was performing well, and yet it was declining. If you ask me, this was a good revelation coming from Moses Kuria because nobody else had the courage to tell Kenyans what was really happening at the National Treasury. Moses Kuria stepped forward and told us.

Another example is when Kemsa cut off the supply of drugs to county hospitals. It was also alleged that Kemsa staff colluded with traders to supply expired medicine. This happened in 2018, and Moses Kuria was angry about the issue. He criticized Kemsa publicly for denying people medicine.

In a recent interview with a local news channel, Moses Kuria spoke about the current problems destroying Jubilee. He explained his journey from helping Kibaki to retain his presidency after the 2007 general elections to become the political strategist of the TNA. He claims that they had worked together with Uhuru for many years until 2018 when they parted ways. He claims that he was angry about Uhuru Kenyatta for neglecting the Mt Kenya region in terms of development. Also, he claims that immediately after Jubilee won the 2013 election, a group of clueless people took over the running of the government, and the experienced leaders like him were edged out. When he (Kuria) raised the issues that are affecting the common mwananchi, these ‘clueless’ people convinced the president that he was the problem. In response, the president marked him as a rebel in the Jubilee party.

For so long, we’ve been wondering how the president who initially had good intentions for this country has ended up driving the country into a serious economic crisis. Now Moses Kuria has revealed to us. A tech-savvy and clueless people have been whispering to the president’s ears since 2013. The handshake is also the same. There is a group of people who have taken over the office of the president and statehouse. These people, as Kuria claims, don’t understand the original vision of the Jubilee government.

So if you review what Moses Kuria is telling people in rallies, social media, on live TV, you will see that he has a strong grasp on the matters that are affecting this country; from the plight of farmers, the national debt, taxation to policy formulation. And to me, that is a good candidate for the seat of the president. He may become president in 2022 or 2027 if he wants to. Having Moses Kuria as the president would mean a lot to Kenyans.

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