Locusts eats less than corruption

By Nesh Kinyua | Monday, Jan 20th 2020 at 12:36
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Kenyans should be quick to solve life puzzles with the same speed they do in creating memes and realise the menace posed by locusts invasion can't match the destruction written by corruption in any way yet less action from above.

In less than two weeks of locusts invasion, experts and government apparatus have been thrown into place to fight against them unsuccessfully, creating more worries with their ability to spread, destruct, and multiply their masses.

Funny and promising press release has been maintained by the authority on their progress, some satisfying the nation for a moment, and some looking crazy as they are sealing a deal to feed the owner of the dog to the locusts and untimely cabinet reshuffle.

The nation fears being wallow into the hunger in a brink of what is left by corruption. Everyone is being manipulated to believe locusts are as dangerous as death, and the government is paying by life to eliminate them. The corruption will remain majesty dragon in this country until the day the same seriousness in fighting it will prevail, including firing, prosecuting, and recovering from the big fish downwards.

The swarm is annihilating yes, but not to the price paid by the literate jobless Kenyan youths who have been turned destitute, farmers who have been frustrated in everything they try, businessmen who end up dropping curtains of their stores crying economic hardship, parents living in abject poverty and religious leaders turning to beggars in their alters, all in the name of corruption which flog our country to a tune of hundreds of billions year-in-year-out.

Who will tame this Octagon for us yet every politician deludes the country to hold at least a tail only to become part and parcel of the said problem?

If the same energy in fighting locusts can be directed to corruption, politicians will become leaders and will be the best place to be where the sons and daughters of the soil will live rejoicing together with their visitors from other nations who will be coming for benchmarking and borrowing leaf.

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