In the end you are all alone — Chris Kirubi speaks on his cancer journey, success

By Vincent Kejitan | Friday, Jan 17th 2020 at 11:04
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“One thing I have come to discover is that in the end you are alone. Your friends may love you but eventually you have to deal with your sickness personally.”

This according to billionaire businessman Chris Kirubi.

In an interview with Business Daily, Kirubi, who is battling cancer, added that he has been reflecting a lot of late and longs for a time when all Kenyans will have access to quality health care.

He was also thankful to the almighty for preserving his life, adding that is a shame that people mostly rush to God when things are not working out.

“I am closer to God now because I have believed without God’s will I could not be who I am today.

“It took me many months lying in bed sick to believe that God is most powerful and it is a shame we always go to God when we need Him but God will never turn you away because you came to Him later rather than earlier.

“God is merciful and forgiving,” he said.

When asked if he knows his net worth, Kirubi said that he has no idea but is proud that people refer to him as a billionaire.

He further stated that he never counts his wealth since counting means looking back and he does not do that.

Kirubi, 79, who is still in the process of constructing his dream home, also said he is not ‘chasing marriage’ since it is a blessing and should come to you naturally.

“Marriage comes to you and it is a blessing but you do not go chasing it around because you will get the wrong partner.

“If I am blessed then I will be blessed,” he said.

When asked how he chooses his business partners, Kirubi said that he mostly relies on instinct and analyses situations quickly.

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