Why BBI politics is a show of Raila’s strength

By RAPHAEL MUCHIRI WANJOHI | Friday, Jan 17th 2020 at 08:34
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While we know that there is a Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) team working around the clock to finalize on the report, the country has already started debating whether to support it or not.

Clearly, this is proof that Raila’s handy work is paying off. He came on board in 2018 and aligned himself with President Uhuru Kenyatta through the handshake. Then, he spearheaded the formation of the BBI team, which, in turn, prepared the preliminary report. This BBI report was launched last year.

Now, the country cannot wait any longer because people are already discussing it. Recently, Raila went to Kisii for the first BBI consultative meeting, and we saw Deputy President William Ruto running wild and opposing the BBI in a rally. Ruto said that BBI is spending a lot of taxpayer money that can instead be used for development.

There was a time when the Thirdway Alliance chair Ekuru Aukot brought the Punguza Mizigo bill, and the coverage of the issue is different from what we see with BBI. Seriously, nobody seemed to care about Punguza Mizigo, but when Raila launched the BBI, every politician and voter in this country became alert.

Maybe it is because Raila was involved or BBI is better. I don’t know. But, I’m starting to think that Raila is a great determinant of the political climate in Kenya.

He may not have served as the president before, but his influence is too much to ignore. In 2007/2008, he politicked until the coalition government was formed. He was the one who protested until ECK was disbanded to allow for the formation of IEBC. After the 2017 election, he and Miguna Miguna formed the NRM that saw him being sworn in as the people’s president.

All these actions have had a significant impact on the governance of this country. They even shock the ruling government. So don’t be surprised to see that the whole country is running wild because of BBI. BBI is another brainchild of Raila that is intended to change the course of rivers of power in this country come 2022.

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