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By Allan Katana | Thursday, Jan 16th 2020 at 13:48
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It has come to our realization that no matter how good you are for the nation, no matter how high you raise the Kenyan flag, no matter how well you represent your country, the payback sometimes results to sorrow, agony, pain, and regrets.

After all hard work and sacrifice you do for your nation, you will end up living a miserable life when things fall apart. When you are no longer bringing home those medals and pushing your nation in the tables of ranking, people will forget if you existed.

We cheer them up, call them legends, but what's saddening is the kind of lives they live. Lives that don't match the status "legend." They go days without food, clothing, and shelter. Their children and families don't enjoy the fruits of all the hard work put. Our heroes suffer in depression, thus ending up in the world of drugs, and they move around like abandoned animals, like people who never had a status.

See the lives of our legends, Dennis Oliech, Conjestina Achieng, and the likes of them. Totally forgotten by the nation, they were toiling hard for. They are only left with memories of victory and a few medals in their dusty cupboards. What's very funny is; retired politicians don't go forgotten. They earn allowances and find themselves awarded various posts in different ministries, and the end result being corruption.

The strong youth who risked their lives in different fields are not even considered to coach street teams if not the national teams. What message is the government passing across? Are the sportsmen and women worthless? Should they suffer till they are seen in social media, then waheshimiwa start acting as if they didn't know their situations?

What message is the govt passing across to the sportsmen& women who are now working hard not only for themselves but for the nation at large? What is their future when they become old to bring Kenya medals?

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