Boy who reported to school with only two bars of soap gets showers of blessings

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Jan 14th 2020 at 09:25
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When Levis Otieno Rabah reported to Kanga High School in Migori county for form one admission, he only had a metallic box and two bars of soap.

From videos shared on social media, he did not even have the required school uniform but still went to try out his luck either way.

His story was quickly shared on the internet and what came his way was nothing short of a miracle.

First, comedian and radio host Felix Odiwour aka Jalang'o used his social media accounts to reach out to the boy and he succeeded.

He stated that he had been touched by the story and vowed to do Rabah’s shopping.

No sooner had his story gone viral than various corporates and well-wishers jumped on board.

By Tuesday morning, Jalas, as he is popularly known, revealed that he had spoken to Kanga High School’s Principal and was told that the boy would require around Sh53,000 per year for four years.

“Last Night I spoke to the Principal and also got the chance to speak with the boy Levi Otieno Rabah! So work begins today!

“School fees is around 53k per year and we want to pay for the four years. If there is anyone willing to pay and contribute anything just send directly to the school PAYBILL NO 522123 ACC NO 57871K…Then indicate his name LEVIS OTIENO RABAH,” he wrote.

Adding: “I will personally go to Kanga High school to make sure that your contribution is channeled to his account.”

Jalas further vowed to get in touch with his friends to do a lot more for the boy’s family.

In an interview with NTV, Rabah, who scored 390 marks in last year’s KCPE, had appealed to well-wishers to come to his aid since his parents were unable to provide for him.

His mother Monica Atieno said she was not in a position to cater for Rabah’s school fees and could not afford to get him the proper school shoes.

“I do not have money to buy him uniform…I cannot even give him pocket money. I do not have anything. I tried to apply for various bursaries but to no avail,” she said.

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