Why the Kenol-Marua dual carriageway is a relevant mega project

By ELIAS GITHINJI KARUOYA | Tuesday, Jan 14th 2020 at 08:19
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Only days after ushering in the new year, February is imminent, and so is the commencement of works on the proposed Kenol-Marua dual carriageway. Although completion of this proposed project could take a few years, the accompanying benefits will ultimately demonstrate the pertinence of this undertaking. These are some of the vital pay off points associated with a dual carriageway in place along this route:

1. Relief for other road users against Miraa vehicles

The Kenol-Marua stretch is a significant course for miraa pick-ups traversing the Meru-Timau-Nanyuki route as they head for the capital, Nairobi. Their counterparts, the mogoka Proboxes from Mbeere and its environs, also cruise via the Embu-Mwea route to eventually join the highway at Makutano. Both packs pose a considerable threat to pedestrians and motorists alike with their unfathomable speeds, reckless overtaking, and dare-devil stunts on the road. A dual carriageway will, therefore, curtail these risks considerably due to reduced conflict between outgoing and oncoming traffic.

2. Ease congestion and save time.

An increase in the number of vehicles and motorbikes on this stretch of the road, especially between Makutano and Kenol, has seen a corresponding increase in the traffic build-up. The problem is more pronounced over morning and evening rush hours, weekends, holidays, and back-to-school occasions. A dual carriageway will indeed reduce the time wasted on the road by facilitating a smooth flow of traffic.

3. Enhance the value of real estate.

Proximity to a significant infrastructural landmark inarguably amplifies the value of land and the existing landed property. Prices of such are thus bound to surge with double or triple digits. A robust real estate enterprise is therefore anticipated along the highway during and after its completion.

4. Moderate the housing crisis in Nairobi and its environs.

Given efficient and reliable road connectivity that can facilitate timely movement between the capital and more removed locations, quite a substantive amount of city dwellers would opt to live upcountry. With a dual carriageway in place, this segment of the city’s population will be well catered for. As such, it will be practical to attend to matters in the city and still retreat conveniently to hinterlands, for example, Karatina, serviced by the highway. This will, in turn, offer a slight relief to the housing situation within the larger Nairobi region.

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