Police lecture Egerton University students before arrest

By Standard Reporter | Monday, Jan 13th 2020 at 17:16
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Police officers in Njoro on Monday, January 13, 2020, shook the internet when they abandoned their belligerent approach to rioting Egerton University students and instead lecture university them on what they should be doing in school.

In a viral video, two students are seen sitting on the ground surrounded by police officers who are heard trying to reason with them before the arrest.

This was a departure from the past where riot police who intervene in student demonstrations end up clobbering and roughing them up.

During the rampage, ten students were arrested.

Students present at the institution engaged the officers in running battles that began on Sunday night and spilled into Monday morning.

First-year and fourth-year students who were recalled to report at the campus after the December 4 protest, were allowed to the institution.

The students had to undergo a thorough security checkup. A section of students had vowed not to allow the exams to take place.

The few who managed to enter and had committed to pay the fine had to sit for their examination.

Those who accessed the university and had not cleared their fees had to present a commitment letter duly filled and signed.

In the commitment letter, students had to state they would fully pay the damage fee of Sh16, 862.

The students staged a demonstration on December 4, 2019, protesting a decision by the University to lock out some of those who had not cleared their fees.

15 students including seven student leaders have since been suspended.

Ian Otieno, one of the students said they have no choice but to comply with the orders.

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