Five things to consider when choosing a maternity hospital

By Nickson Bokello | Monday, Jan 13th 2020 at 14:57
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Today, choosing a medical facility to deliver a baby has become a headache for many mums to be. Here are simple but vital factors you need to consider while choosing your maternity hospital.

1. Pick a hospital that accepts NHIF, Linda mama, or any other insurance covers. Don't depend on cash only since the bills can be excessively high, and this can drain you financially.

2. Choose a hospital with a functional and well-equipped theatre. Nowadays, most births pass through the theatre. It will be unfortunate to go to a hospital without one, and in case of emergency surgery, you will need to be referred somewhere else.

3.Select hospitals with enough experienced and fully qualified medical professionals. The hospital should have gynecologists to help you, pediatricians to handle the baby, doctors, nurses, surgeons, pharmacists, etc. No one likes to be in a place where you are being attended to by interns or other persons whose sole qualification was that they accepted to be paid less.

4. Pick a hospital with neonatal operational units. In case your baby develops complications or is preterm or underweight, etc. They can be comfortably taken care of within the facility. There will be no need for transfer or referrals.

5. Pick a hospital with an ambulance. This is not very major, but worth considering. A time comes when you are trying to call an online taxi, and the driver does not pick. That one who connected cancels the drive after more than 30 minutes of waiting. Emergencies don't wait for you; you might lose your life or that of your baby.

Lastly, let's choose reputable hospitals with friendly staff; it promotes quick recovery.

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