Kenya, a country of ten millionaires and ten million poor people

By Barry Murithi | Monday, Jan 13th 2020 at 12:24
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Welcome to Kenya, a country of ten millionaires and ten million poor people. A country that every so-called 'maendeleo kwa wakenya' has its real motives behind the smiling faces of our hungry politicians. Citizens are succumbing to cancer, yet the government is ready to pump Sh10 billion into a 27 paged document. Really?

KCPE candidates score as good marks as 422 only to be left twirling in a web of hopelessness since they cannot afford the high school fees. Did someone mention 'free primary and secondary education' somewhere? Well, this is the country that very clear videos of corrupt officials in a public institution got aired in one of the best TV stations, and no one has ever been arrested. It has been months since we saw evident impunity at Maasai Mara University, but 'investigations are ongoing.' Sh190 million vanished. The suspected affiliates are still dishing out their salaries while the courageous whistleblowers are living in fear.

Indeed, this is a country where citizens of Garissa are drowning in floods in November. In March, the narrative changes to that of 'serikali saidia, mifugo yetu inakufa kwa sababu ya njaa na ukame.' We had the Kimwarer and Arror mix. Still, we have the memories fresh, a multi-billion graft! 

In the 1990s, we had the Goldenberg exposition. More than Sh100 billion sank into the deep pockets of greedy individuals that almost left the country's economy get to its knees. David Munyakei was the whistleblower. This left him to lose his job at the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).

Anglo-Leasing saga followed. We had Sh3.4 billion that 'evaporated' unexplained. Chickensgate yells emerged thereafter in 2014. Two years later, Ksh. 5 billion was 'swallowed' by the hungry mouths of Afya House officials. That same 2016, the mention of Galana and Mwea irrigation schemes came along with a loss of Sh3.5 billion. Evans Kidero's organization was found in possession of Sh2.7 billion that no one could account for. It was said the cash was channeled from the Nairobi County Government. No one remembers anything about this anymore.

2015 had a memorable saga: The Euro-bond. More than Sh 215 billion was the number that the few millionaires we have, grabbed for themselves. Of course, they can't understand why Kenyans are poor, can they?

The list is long enough to make a toilet roll. In NCPB, we had Sh1.9 billion of lost cash. Suspects of the great NYS theft are elected leaders somewhere by Kenyans. More than Sh10.5 billion 'bought furniture and stationery' here.

This is the great country that everyone puts their interests before the fate of the nation. Every election drags along bloodshed and division among Kenyans. After that, everything falls at the back of their lives: it is forgotten. Another election comes, and the same pandemonium, hate, lies, and loss of lives re-emerge. It is a cycle.

I must say something about the SGR. First, that is a great infrastructure that was built imprudently. I will not mention Naivasha but the towns we have along the Mombasa - Nairobi highway; Mtito Andei, Kibwezi, Salama, Emali, Kiboko, Maungu, Sultan Hamud, Mariakani and so many. In some few years to come, it is predicted that those amazing towns will be nothing else but ghost towns. The businesses that used to mushroom in those many towns will probably fade away due to the 'SGR monopoly' system. Truck drivers and owners will have nothing to offer on the table for their families. This is what you should expect when one's interests tower above the livelihood of all Kenyan families.

A country that every opposing force against the government is absorbed or their citizenship taken away from them. Obviously, Miguna Miguna has every right to be in his homeland, where 'the umbilical cord was buried.' Why does he have to go through a rough collision with the same government that has a mandate of protecting its every 47 million-plus citizens? Whose food has this outspoken lawyer eaten?

Someone said, "Without strong watchdog institutions, impunity becomes the very foundation upon which systems of corruption are built. And if impunity is not demolished, all the efforts to bring an end to corruption are in vain." Or aren't they?

When the truth is said by Mohammad Ali or, most recently, King Kaka, that brings tension and unnecessary fear. Truth can never be changed. These demented politicking stars can only sugarcoat it with lies but never change. People who speak the truth become heroes in this country. Citizens are addicts of lies. Only tricksters and the fake development agents get the majority votes! Gone are the days of threat and lame grudges when the truth is laid open. Public land grabbing is turning out to be a game of chess amongst the rich. Social halls are converted into private premises!

The sum of the above mentioned lost money breaks the ceiling of Sh 350 billion. This is enough cash to have built the new railway from Mombasa to Nairobi without any loan aid from the Chinese government. Every day the taxpayer struggles in the tough economic times while the big fish invest strongly in the business of corruption.

What I have just sampled here is only a pinch of what has actually been reaped by the greedy leaders and politicians we elect after every five years. Politics remains to be their game; taxpayers' money will always be the target. These folks keep on gambling with the future of this great nation. Before 2017 elections, 2022 was what was singing the most by the political folks. Now we are in 2020 January; someone just mentioned 2027 elections! What about that other one who talked of 2032? Well, opportunists are what they always are. When will they have time for proper development in this country? It's only a decade to vision 2030. When will these selfish beings stop talking about; so and so betrayed me, that is our president to come, we as western Kenya are coming up with a plan to have a president, Murang' leaders are supporting so and so. Why don't they go down to the drawing board and come up with good plans for the betterment of all Kenyans? I am not talking about the development talks: I mean complete construction of equipped hospitals, schools, roads, and bridges!

Kenyans should be vigilant and avoid falling victims of tribal clashes and nepotism. This is a great nation. Someone said, "machungu hubaki kwa watawaliwa." The margin between the poor and the rich gets wider every day. You know why?

Winston Churchill gave out the answer long ago. "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing has happened."

Welcome to Kenya, a country of ten millionaires and ten million POOR people!

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