Sonko –The city untouchable turned online motivational speaker

By Babu Tendu | Monday, Jan 13th 2020 at 11:11
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Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko towards the end of the last decade was indeed a troubled man when it came to governance of the capital.

The governor who started 2019 in a high tone was slowly diminished in events that lead the governor to lose access to his office.

The outspoken Governor found himself drowned in deep misuse of office allegations that followed his dramatic arrest.

Humbled and shaken, the governor’s mannerisms changed drastically after his release from lawful custody on bail.

The governor who once took to social media to harshly rebuke different entities, that is, County workers who did not heed to the offices they held/hold, the media, and others, has since been silent on such topics.

Instead, Sonko now uses his social media platforms to motivate his followers and fanatics with messages of encouragement.

The number of posts on motivation have increased while those on political agenda have drastically reduced.

This has attracted the attention of a number of social media users and elicited mixed reactions.

Davie Evans - Politicians, very humble when weak. Wait till they regain the power they start abusing people.

Lee Makwiny - Governor, we have missed those matusi.

Sammy Mungai - Sonko, you have turned so religious of late after being barred from the office... I wish you wrote such inspirational quotes while posing on that golden dining room or while dancing in the office.

Kelvin Joey - Sonko is learning to live a life without sophisticated power. The governor of Kanamai kilifi doesn't know how he would handle this situation. He's in a shock.

Austin flipper - God really should be glorified He used that way to win your soul.

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