Murkomen bashed for double standards on Miguna’s situation

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Jan 8th 2020 at 15:33
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Hours after lawyer Miguna Miguna was ejected from a Nairobi-bound plane, Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen hit out at the government for hypocrisy, saying Miguna should be allowed back in the country.

Murkomen stated that the lawyer’s current situation paints an ugly picture of the handshake and the nation should be ready to embrace his divergent ideas.

“The frustrations @MigunaMiguna is facing epitomize the hypocrisy of Kenyan politics of “change”& “Kenya Mpya”.

“It paints ugly BBI&handshake. If we can’t embrace MM with his divergent ideas how shall we pretend to unite a nation?MM should be facilitated as we should and not frustrated,” he said.

However, this did not go down well with netizens who reminded him of his words when Miguna was first deported.

Others reminded him that he is part of the government he is bashing and should do more as the Majority leader in Senate.

“It is the government which you serve in that is doing this sir! ... you are leader of majority in this seemingly ‘rogue’ government.

“What are you doing to hold it to account? You can’t just tweet like the rest of us my fren,” wrote journalist Sophia Wanuna.

“He is crying more than the bereaved yet he was part of those who stood aside and even cheered as MM was unceremoniously hounded out of his home country,” added Chikate Swaleh.

Simekha: “As leader of Majority in Senate for the government party, you could DIRECTLY tell your associates in GoK, including your party leader & his deputy, to obey Kenyan law & Court orders & if they fail U sanction them in Senate, not on Twitter like the rest of us.”

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