The government should buy an air ticket for me — Miguna Miguna

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Jan 8th 2020 at 14:50
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Lawyer Miguna Miguna has laid blame on the Kenyan government for not complying with court orders to facilitate his entry.

Miguna now wants the state to purchase air tickets for him and bear the cost of his lawyers and two officers from KNCHR.

“As a first step and to ensure compliance: The rogue State should be ordered to purchase air tickets and issue a valid Kenyan passport for me and then bear the cost of two of my lawyers and two officers from @HakiKNCHR to travel to where I am and accompany me back to Kenya,” he said.

Adding: “When anyone occupying public office in trust for the citizens of a country use that office and the powers vested in it to abuse, brutalize, torture and violate the rights and freedoms of any citizen or group of citizens, it is the DUTY of each citizen to bring him to account.”

Just hours after lawyer Miguna Miguna was ejected from a Nairobi-bound Air France plane, the airline set the record straight saying it was just complying with international rules governing air transport.

This is after Miguna alleged that Air France and Lufthansa ‘collaborate with tyrants’.

Air France, however, revealed that it was acting upon the orders of Kenyan authorities and had to oblige.

“Dear Mr Miguna, we confirm that at the request of the Kenyan authorities, we were obliged to deny boarding.

“Like all airlines, Air France is required to comply with the entry requirements for the countries it serves and as such is not authorized to knowingly board passengers for a destination to which they are denied access,” read the statement.

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