Passaris’ heated exchange with King Kaka

By Vincent Kejitan | Monday, Jan 6th 2020 at 13:10
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Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris who is away in India for treatment got into a heated exchange of words with King Kaka after the rapper took issue with her post saying she should work towards ensuring there is affordable health care in Kenya.

This is after the lawmaker responded to a netizen revealing that she spent well over Sh50million during the election period, stressing that she served way before she was elected, justifying that she has every right to seek treatment wherever she desires.

"I invested 50 million to be elected a leader. I served way before being elected. At 55 (I am) officially made of titenium [sic] because of sacrifices I made," she said.

King Kaka swiftly responded to the tweet saying the legislator should focus on improving healthcare back home.

"Esther Passaris shame shame Shame. The talk should be on how we have made our health reliable to the point you are getting your surgery at KNH. Wewe Uko Hapo unatuambia juu ya Ksh50million (Yet you are busy updating us about Ksh50 million).

"Stop being selfish for once, just for once and serve the people who put you there. Shame," he told her.

Passaris then reacted to the comment describing the rapper as proud and asked him to stop spreading hate to derive change.

"You are so 'full and fooled' by yourself. 'Words' can instruct but they don't do the work or lead. Let me spell it as it is.

“Get off your high horse & stop being who you truly are Wajinga Nyinyi who thinks through hate you can drive or derive change. I have worked and served," she stated.

It is not the first time the two have differed as immediately after the release of ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’, Passaris took issue with a line in the song that accuses lawmakers of misusing funds meant for sanitary towels.

“He [King Kaka] has no idea that we do not control the sanitary towels budget, we only aided the distribution (not all counties received) with the county communications office and all the area chiefs.

“We as women reps have also been following up sanitary towels with the current line Ministry Education,” she stated.

The rapper, however, fired back saying: “Funny thing is you are aware of the paper trail yet our girls are not getting the pads. So who is taking that money yet the government authorised the project.

“I am not fighting anyone I just want the people to get what’s theirs, you were elected to represent us.”

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