New Year's resolution mistakes we all make - and how to actually stick to them in 2020

By Mirror | Thursday, Jan 2nd 2020 at 11:50
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New year, new me?

This is an attitude many of us take as we deal with our New Year's Eve hangovers and start looking ahead to 2020.

Learning a new skill, getting organised or making more effort with loved ones are popular New Year's Resolutions - but vows to eat better and hit the gym are always the loudest, especially after all that Christmas boozing.

However, despite all that January 2 determination, most of us have swapped the lentils for pasta and put our gym kit back in the wardrobe before we even get to Valentine's Day.

But this year, personal trainer Steve Ahern, from Nottingham, is on hand with some top tips on how to actually stick to your resolutions in 2020.

Start slow and be patient

"We don't have the patience and that's why people stop so quickly. We want it now.

"You need to start slow and be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day. I know it's corny, but it's true.

"It's great that you're doing something but if you're not building the base it's very hard for it to last.

"People end up going to the gym five or six times a week, they're not letting their body rest and recover. Then they don't see any changes so they move onto something else.

"Be consistent. If you're just doing a day here and there you're never going to see results.

Do something you love 

Not many of us can honestly say we would rather go out for a run than sitting in the pub or chilling out on the sofa with a brew. 

But spending time finding something you actually like doing can make all the difference when it comes to sticking to your fitness plan. 

Don't worry about other people 

Another of the big problems is comparing yourself to others, especially when it comes to seeing results. 

Steve also says that social media can have an extremely negative impact on people's fitness dreams as they are constantly looking at filtered and edited photos of people working out. 

"We're all different. We all get different results at different times.

"We're constantly scrolling on Instagram looking at all these people and asking why we don't look like that.

"People don't look like that 24/7."

 Embrace every emotion

It's fun getting into shape and getting fit and strong, but we're all going to make mistakes.

"Without failure what is success? It's the perfect opportunity to learn from it.

"Life isn't rosy 24/7.

"If you keep going after a failure you’re not just strong physically but emotionally and mentally."

Learn the basics and the correct form 

While it's tempting just to jump in and hit the ground running, Steve says it's vital to make sure you've got the basics down before you start working towards your big goal. 

This means learning the techniques and making sure you're doing things correctly. 

"If form isn't right you're going to get injured which can put people off all together and set them back. 

"A lot of time ego takes over. People are worried about what they can lift rather than how they do it. 

Don't forget about your food 

While it's easy just to sign up to a load of gym classes, Steve highlights that you need to work across the board if you really want to see changes. 

"Without the proper nutrition you can train all you want but it's not going to work.

Get professional help

Steve also advises people to speak to a professional about the right plan for them, rather than just rocking up at the gym and winging it.

"Finding the right person is key and you need to do research into it. Shop around and see what's best for you.

"Look into their history. You're going to be spending a lot of time with them, it needs to be right."

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