Mama Baha’s emotional plea to Uhuru

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Dec 31st 2019 at 12:13
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Former Machachari actress Wanjiku Mburu aka Mama Baha has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene and help bring back her brother George Mburu who was abducted in 2014.

In an emotional video uploaded on her social media pages, Mama Baha recounts the last conversation she had with ‘Kajijo’ moments after he landed in Mogadishu.

It all started on January 5, 2014, when George and his cousin Macharia left for Mogadishu.

They both arrived safely but 11 days later the family learnt that the two had been abducted.

“On January 16 dad received a call from my uncle saying something had happened in Mogadishu…Two people had been abducted.

“I also got a call in the evening from the same uncle who told me that my brother had been abducted,” revealed Mama Baha.

The following morning she went home where the family was planning the next course of action.

“We started looking for a way to get to the Embassy, we needed someone to talk to but no one prepares you for such things.

“I know the government does not negotiate with terrorists but it should do everything in its power to bring back Kenyan citizens,” she said.

Adding that after meeting some top government officials they were told to ‘keep queit.’

Six years later, nothing has been done and a sobbing Mama Baha believes enough is enough saying the family has been patient enough.

“I see my parents breakdown everyday and we do not even get counselling.

“George’s son was born in 2013 and although he has not met his dad, he always says he misses him and even drafted the song he will sing once George come back from work…because he believes his dad is away at work.”

Mama Baha asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to come through for the family and show concern the same way he was concerned when Cuban doctors were abducted in the country.

“I am not here to complain but the government has done nothing. My parents are old and now it’s just me and my sister.

“Not a visit, no counselling…no food. I elected you (President Kenyatta) three times…you went to Cuba to console families of the Cuban doctors yet I am here,” she remarked.

Here is the video:

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