64% of Kenyans did not achieve their goals in 2019

By Vincent Kejitan | Monday, Dec 30th 2019 at 11:14
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As the year comes to an end, many people have already started drafting their plans for 2020.

But did they attain what they had set out to achieve this year?

Only 36% of Kenyans attained their goals in 2019.

This is according to a Year-End poll by TIFA. The findings revealed that 64% of Kenyans failed to achieve their targets.

Most Kenyans intended to set up a business in 2019 but only 11% attained this.

Around 20% desired to get a new job but only three percent managed to secure new employment opportunities.

Further, the survey revealed that youth aged 18-24 years are more likely to achieve their goals as compared to the older people with those 45+ years having the lowest achievement levels.

A regional analysis shows that Kenyans in the North Eastern, Western and Eastern have a higher likelihood of achieving annual goals.

The region with the lowest achievement levels is Coast, followed by Rift Valley and then Central.

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