15 intimacy tips for couples

By Dayan Masinde | Monday, Dec 23rd 2019 at 12:34
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1. Most intimate moments happen at night. Night time is not the time to chat with people online, to watch movies till late, to stay outside till late but the time to focus on your spouse away from the crowd.

2. How you greet your spouse when he/she meets you at home determines how the day will end. Greet each other with warmth.

3. Communicating with your spouse in a warm way during the day will prepare your spouse to receive you well in the evening.

4. When the home is clean and neat, whether it is a bed sitter, an apartment or massionate; it sets the mood for better connection. A messy house disrupts intimacy.

5. Go out as a couple once in a while to break the monotony of always being in the house. Form new memories.

6. Make it a habit to kiss even when sex is not the agenda. A meeting of lips warms both your heart to each other.

7. Now that you two have decided to be faithful to each other, do your best to give each other maximum sexual pleasure.

8. Make time for conversations. There are some conversations you two will never have if you are not present or ever in a hurry.

9. Learn to say "Sorry", "Please", "Thank you" to each other; it makes both of you feel respected, valued and your feelings cared for, making you two open up better.

10. Use humour to make each other feel comfortable. Laughter makes you both relax in each other's space. Don't take life too seriously.

11. Remember it is human to get angry, but don't let anger push you two away. Control your temper. A hot temper makes you hostile.

12. Wear a smile, it welcomes your spouse to spend time with you.

13. Keep your spouse's secrets, don't judge him/her. It will encourage your spouse to be more real and honest with you.

14. Dress up well. Both men and women are visual beings. Excite your spouse's eyes.

15. Listen to each other. Both your opinions matter.


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