Types of roommates you will live with in campus

By Macmillan Nyaberi | Monday, Dec 23rd 2019 at 11:21
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After four years of hard work and determination in high school, coupled with exemplary performance in KCSE, you finally join one of your favourite universities.

These are some of the roommates you will encounter in the campus:


These comrades light up the room with humour and jokes after a tiresome day.

They make jokes from everything, making everyone break into peals of laughter.

Their jokes can tempt you to believe Churchill show has the wrong people for comedians.

2.Rich types

These are the Bill gates in the room. They own laptops, latest iPhone models, sound systems and have the latest fashions. Their wardrobes are always full of supplies.

The source of their wealth is a mystery, but some run businesses within and outside the school; others get funding from their wealthy parents and guardians.

When the going gets tough for less fortunate comrades, these rich types offer a small loan, and the generous one can even tell you not to refund, saying, "we are bros." However, the stingy rich guys will always turn to be Shylocks.

3.Mysterious ones

These are strange comrades who survive miraculously, leaving you wondering who they are.

You live in the same room, but you rarely see their faces. They come to the room when everybody has slept, and by the time you wake up, they are long gone.

Their wardrobes are always unlocked, and the only thing you can see inside is a sim-card sized soap, an empty box of Colgate, and a torn newspaper.

Tell them to read, and you will be reminded of professors who have died with all of their knowledge with several citations from the book of Ecclesiastes of how all is vanity.

4.Partying lots

The number of parties they have attended outnumbers the number of lectures they have attended in the whole semester.

Mention the word party and words like, when? Where? At what time? Will come from their mouths.

They justify high school teachers' words that "the university has plenty of fun."

5.Organised and neat comrades

From their well-spread beds, ironed clothes, modest dressing, to well-organised wardrobe.

These comrades are soft-spoken, who will mark the difference between alumni from a group of schools and a public primary school that coupled as a polling station.

A stare at your unspread bed, wrinkled clothes in the wardrobe, will confirm to you why your mother emphasised the importance of you joining NYS camp before enrolling in the campus.

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