Hilarious reactions after Rachel Ruto referred to Ruto as Bill

By Babu Tendu | Sunday, Dec 22nd 2019 at 11:27
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Kenyans online on Saturday, December 21, 2019, were quick to react after Rachael Ruto, Deputy President William Ruto’s wife referred to her husband as Bill.

This caught many by surprise since they were not familiar with the name as it did not appear on his official documents.

Mrs Ruto posted a picture accompanied by a birthday message for the Deputy President and part of the caption read “Happy Birthday Bill. My best friend and confidant”.

The other part of the birthday message read;

“This day is special as we celebrate your birthday and our wedding anniversary. This far we have come all I can say is thank you. Nothing I can do can repay the amount of love and support you have shown”

Kenyans online were quick to note the use of the name Bill and had the following to say;

Nyamsy Maxxy - Bill means BILLIONAIRE in full.

Masinde Nambuye - Kwani jina ingine ya Ruto ni Bill? Ama hizo ndio bae zao.

(So Ruto’s other name is Bill?)

Mary Njoroge - hapo kwa bill kidogo sijaelewa kwani Ruto siku hizi anaitwa nani ama ni love name. (I have not understood the Bill part, so these days Ruto is called Bill?)

Helmut Herzsprung - This guy is sly. Managed to have the wedding on his birthday, hakuna mambo ya kuulizwa "Bill have you forgotten what day is today".

Frank Mtetezi - Alikua anaclear Bills ama. (Is it that he used to clear bills?)

On the same day, Deputy President William Ruto laid the foundation stone for The William Ruto Leadership Institute to be established in Makerere University.

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