I agree with Kenyans’ sentiments regarding corruption — Ann Waiguru

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Dec 18th 2019 at 10:43
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Kirinyaga County Governor Ann Waiguru on Tuesday stated that she agrees with most sentiments expressed by Kenyans on social media regarding corruption.

She stated that indeed corruption has slowed down development and crippled the economy adding that Kenyans should join hands in fighting the scourge.

“To set the record straight, I totally agree with most of the sentiments expressed by Kenyans on social media on the ills bedevilling the country, and believe it's imperative that the pertinent issues raised be addressed forthwith.

“It's an inescapable fact that corruption has stifled development and adversely crippled our economy; and that is why we should all support the ongoing efforts to fight this scourge,” she remarked.

Waiguru added that public funds should be used to benefit the people and not end up in the pockets of a few individuals.

She, however, warned those spreading propaganda and false information regarding government officials saying mudslinging to settle political scores should be highly discouraged.

“This MUST NOT be another game of chicken, or a ploy to mudsling targeted individuals, or a public gambit meant to settle political scores or make profits by reckless slander.

“Neither should it be used by those corrupt to decoy or cover their guilt by tarnishing others. This MUST be an honest, heart-to-heart discussion meant to end corruption once and for all and place Kenya on the straight and narrow!” she remarked.

Waiguru also said that she learnt numerous lessons during her stint as the Devolution CS saying some individuals took advantage of weak systems to misuse public funds.

This comes just two days after the governor threatened to sue rapper King Kaka for defaming her in his song Wajinga Nyinyi.

Waiguru, through her advocates, stated that her reputation was injured by the rapper as he appeared to implicate her in the NYS scandal.

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