You are a fire that is so lovely to resist — Itumbi’s poem to Maribe on her birthday

By Standard Reporter | Wednesday, Dec 18th 2019 at 09:07
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Dennis Itumbi on Wednesday morning penned a lovely poem to former news anchor Jacque Maribe.

In his birthday message, Itumbi described her as a ‘fire on top of a mountain’ and went ahead to reiterate how strong their friendship is.

Lauding her as a ‘golden friend’ Itumbi wished Maribe all triumphs life has to offer, suggesting that not even the tribulations they have faced will jeopardise their bond.

The two have often been seen together a number of times fueling rumours that they are dating but they both maintain that it is genuine friendship.

Here is the poem in full:

Happy Birthday, Jacque Maribe,

You are a FIRE.

A Fire in your stage presence,

A Fire that has super-hot flames,

Flames that keep them talking,

You are a Fire of beauty and sexy.

A Fire that sparks and sustains friendships,

A Fire, I gladly embrace and use to ink this poem,

A Fire that is so lovely to resist,

You are a Fire on top of a mountain,

Living life, courageously, powerfully and unapologetically

A Fire that refines your ore into Gold.

A Golden friend.

A Golden mum

A Golden trailblazer

So here an online hug, tight, endless and Forever.

Our Friendship, is our souls on Fire.

Burning the past into ashes, connecting us,

Soldering to the future, with the force of water down a waterfall...

Friends, planted right at the bull's eye of our hearts, is what we are...

May you get endless Birthday kisses and triumphs...

You are a lovely FIRE.

I wish you Endless victory, may you warm our hearts.

Happy Birthday!


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