Caretaker on the run after vanishing with landlord’s rent

By Silas Nyamweya | Monday, Dec 16th 2019 at 12:54
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A caretaker is on the large after disappearing with his boss’ rent in Mowlem estate, Nairobi.

According to the landlord’s agent, who stays far away from the buildings, the caretaker managed to convince two new, gullible tenants to deposit the rent with him, after which he was supposed to forward the money to the boss.

It is claimed that despite the presence of Paybill numbers mounted on the walls of the buildings where tenants are supposed to deposit their rent money, the two new tenants who are of Congolese origin felt into the trap because they did not have Mpesa accounts.

“The two tenants of Congolese origin did not have Mpesa accounts, and so the caretaker informed that they could give him the cash to deposit on their behalf of which they did,” one of the tenants revealed.

“Since being given a total Sh14000 by the two tenants, the caretaker’s phone is purported to have been switched off. We have tried tracing him to no avail, and he even moved to a house he used to live to an unknown location,” stated the agent identified as Rose Kwamboka.

However, on whether the landlord is seeking legal enforcement to curb the culprit, he claimed that that is a small amount of money which will not take him (the former caretaker) far.

“How long do you think that fool will eat 14k, I am sure it will be finished before one weeks’ time,” said the landlord adding that “I don’t know whether some people actually use brains because this is a job that could have sustained him for long and now he has ruined it by stealing small money.”

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