Video: Ruto schools Kenyan men on romance

By Babu Tendu | Monday, Dec 16th 2019 at 09:55
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Deputy President (DP) William Ruto on Sunday, December 15, 2019, asked men to avoid local modesty while talking about their wives.

Addressing congregants at the Chepnogobob Methodist Church in Kericho County, the Deputy President stuck to the subject after the Church’s Bishop introduced his wife as ‘Mama’.

Lightly, Ruto publicly explained to the Bishop that referring to the wife as ‘Sweetheart’ or ‘Dear wife’ could make things better at home.

“Bishop ungesema this is my dear wife, ama namna gani, ata ukisema sweetheart hakuna shida, hii modesty punguza kidogo”

“(Bishop, you should have said this is my dear wife… there is no problem in referring to her as sweetheart.)”

“Kwanza iyo yenye umesema lazima umuintroduce ndio asikuletee taabu nyumbani, Kama ungesema this is my sweetheart mambo ingekua mzuri ata Zaidi”

“(Especially the part which you said you were forced to introduce her to avoid domestic problems… had you introduced her as sweetheart things could be even better)” stated the DP.

In the church, the DP maintained his stand to continue donating money to churches despite the constant opposition towards the act.

Maneno ya kuita bibi mama mtawacha ???? — Vincent ???????????????????????? (@VinceChepkwony) December 15, 2019

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