What does it cost a man to hold a boda boda rider?

By Davis Olives Osino | Friday, Dec 13th 2019 at 13:11
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Who is a man? What makes him a man? What comparison distinguishes him from a woman? These are some of the questions that need some keen attention. In Africa, a man is defined and accorded due respect in terms of physical appearance, beards, ability to reproduce, and the weight of the pocket. I can term this misleading and inappropriate taking into account that chauvinism is a thing of the past. 

As I was interacting with some close allies, I discovered that a lot of things are being misinterpreted. First, what does it cost a man to hold another male in a boda boda? This type of action robs no man his manhood; it's a matter of caring about your safety and life since a boda boda doesn't have a safety belt. I know most of you consider it obnoxious! The part of it is that you are raising your vulnerable family's future.

What does it cost a man to lower his pants to get injected by a female doctor? Whether the doctor is a male or a female, your life and health are paramount than your ego. Being egocentric in such a situation proves your ignorance. The person who recommended the area was mentally okay. Why are we diverting? 

Last but not least, does a man lose his male hormones when he turns fatherly and changes the baby's diapers? He doesn't. Our ego is pouring our marriages down the drain. Taking care of your young one does not degrade you into a female. You can even go to the extent of cooking, cleaning, and work on the coconuts, and no hormones will vanish. 

In my opinion, being a man is defined by your characters towards situations, not traditions and beliefs. Manhood is not ejected from anyone by performing your duties and obligations responsibly. The kind of stereotypes we stick to is what is turning most relationships into a fighting zone. These are just a few illustrations, but we do hold a lot of outdated beliefs concerning manhood. You will hear a man saying that he can't do this or that, claiming that it is underrating his manhood, but the same guy can't find the courage to shout such utterances in the presence of the wife. Are you really a man? 

Men are superior to women in religion and of which it's also becoming ironical. It's so sad for a man not to fulfill his duties and care about his well-being in the name of culture, tradition, and stereotypes.

"Heed the advice of the wise and though shall prosper "that's what the Bible says. 

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