Sonko’s government blamed after viral video of man washing fruits in filthy water

By Babu Tendu | Friday, Dec 13th 2019 at 12:01
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Nairobi County officials were on the receiving end of blame after video of a man washing fruits in a trench went viral.

Netizens who watched the video were quick to express their displeasure towards the scenes recorded on the viral video.

The video showed a man wash fruits inside a trench and carefully placing them by the roadside.

After he was done with the fruits, the man then washed his feet with the same water as pedestrians watched.

A number of Kenyans on Twitter opted to blame the unfortunate events to the leadership of the county hence putting the Nairobi Governor on the spot.

Bonny Bonny - Nairobi county officials are busy arresting drunkards; NEMA is busy closing pubs. If Nairobi county is led by thugs who cannot offer free freshwater points...what then do you expect?

Festus Chuma - Maybe water rationing currently being experienced in many parts of the city has forced the man to do so.

Dom 254 Sully - The county government together with (Nairobi water and sewage company) should up their game and install tap water at a place where street people do stay. politicians won't help in these situations they are just there for their personal agenda.

Others simply dismissed the man to be a street boy while others accused him of ignorance.

Kimen Njeri - He has no other choice he is a street guy. God protect them ever.

Charry - Na hata yeye akiosha anaona anatumia maji gani?

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