Passaris vows to teach blogger Robert Alai a lesson after demeaning remarks

By Babu Tendu | Friday, Dec 13th 2019 at 10:34
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Nairobi County Women Representative Esther Passaris on Thursday, December 12, 2019, hit back at blogger Robert Alai after his demeaning remarks towards her.

This came after the blogger took to social media and accused Passaris of sleeping around.

He pointed out that an unknown land grabber started digging the Akiba Estate land immediately after the Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko was arrested with corruption related allegations.

Alai then accused the area Member of Parliament (MP) and Member of County Assembly (MCA) of turning a blind eye towards the matter.

“With Sonko in Custody, the Akiba Estate land grabber is back digging the piece of land. Sonko accused the EACC head of investigations as being behind the grabbing of the piece of land”

“MP and MCA basically doing nothing. Esther Passaris looking for those she can bed” Posted Alai.

The tweet did not rest well with the Nairobi Woman Representative who assured the blogger of a legal battle.

She explained that her decision to sue was pushed by the constant demeaning directed towards her by the blogger.

“I have instructed my lawyers. #RobertALiar will have his 'days of doom' sooner rather than later. This I will pursue”

“It is honestly pathetic that over the years he derives relevancy by attempting to demean my being and my stature to whats between my legs. #respectwomen” responded Passaris.

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