Five survival tips for this rainy season

By Brenda Midamba | Tuesday, Dec 10th 2019 at 15:40
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‘When it rains, it pours’ Well, we are living proof of this saying. There has been a downpour of heavy rains in the past weeks. It has been a blessing considering the droughts that had hit the Nation a few months back; it has also been a disaster following the deluge that has struck different parts of the Nation causing damage of property and loss of lives.

However, if we can do anything to keep safe, then why not? Here are a few things you can do to ensure you stay safe and healthy during this rainy season.

(1) If you can, get home early.


Traffic has been rampant lately; one minute, the roads are clear, and the next minute it begins to rain, and there is traffic from here to Timbuktu. If you can avoid that by getting home early, the better.

Also, with the flooding of the pathways, if you can leave work/ school/whatever business immediately and get home before the rains start, it will save you a lot of hustle, and you get to avoid dealing with navigating flooded paths.

(2) Do not try and navigate flooded paths and roads.

Point number one leads to this point right here. Avoid going through flooded paths.

These rains, just like the previous ones, have proved how we have been complacent over the years as a Nation and have failed to take action in fixing our drainage system and maybe finding ways to harvest the water that goes to waste during this time.

We have been bombarded with images and videos of the many failed attempts of people trying to cross flooded areas either on foot or by car. I say it is not worth the risk. You do not know how deep still waters can run and what dangers may be lying there. It can either be a live wire, creatures, deep holes, raging waters that could sweep you or your car, etc., it is better to let the water settle or find an alternative path.

(3) Drive safe.


The Tarmac roads are slippery at this time, Murram roads are muddy and slippery as well, and it is definitely not the time to test how fast you can drive or if your adrenaline rush can reach a crescendo. Leave those for the Safari Rally experts. It does not matter what season it is; safe driving is an on and off-season practice that should be embraced. Just more on this rainy season.

(4) Cover up!


‘Dress to defend not to impress.’ Defend your body against cold-related diseases: pneumonia, flu’s, asthma, etc.

Ensure you keep warm and keep your children warmer. It will save you a visit to the doctor.

(5) Drink lots of fluids.


Without realizing it, we tend to drink less water in cold seasons. That should not be the case, the body is 70percent water, and in order for it to regulate your metabolism and stay healthy, you need to take enough water.

Since it is cold, it is better to have hot fluids. Drink a lot of healing hot fluids like Green tea, chamomile tea, hot ginger, and lemon water. This will keep your metabolism in check and prevent illnesses.

Remember, your health is your responsibility to take good care of it.

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