Video of Kenyan police officer slamming corrupt leaders goes viral

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Dec 10th 2019 at 11:52
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In the recent past, the tough living conditions of Kenyan police officers have been highlighted by the media and on Tuesday, a video of an officer speaking about their harsh working environment went viral. 

In the undated clip seen by Ureport, the officer is standing next to a vehicle that has broken down and narrates how difficult it is to work in some environments.

“As you can see, my skin looks salty as a result of excessive sweating. Driving this car is not a joke. My shoulders are tired.

“It is all about sacrifice because I love my country,” he says.

The unidentified officer goes ahead to criticize corruption in the country, laying blame on greedy government officials who pocket money meant for the common mwananchi.

“Those looting are doing us a disservice. Why would you pocket money that was meant to pay our salaries and educate our kids?

“I pray to God that the relevant authorities catch up with you and ensure you are arrested,” he said.

The officer also appealed to members of the public to work in harmony with officers instead of spreading negativity about their work.

"When you talk negatively about police just know we have sacrificed our lives for you to stay safe and when you get reliable information just let us know, we will work better that way," he remarked.

This comes just weeks after a female officer in Kakamega County narrated how she had suffered as an officer and the immense pressure she was getting from her seniors.

She was later suspended for relaying information to the media without permission.

Here is the video:

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