The collapse of a generation

By Davis Olives Osino | Monday, Dec 9th 2019 at 12:05
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Youths are believed to be the future of any state around the globe since they are the direct heirs of our state affairs. It has been such an ironic situation in the Kenyan coast where youths have turned to be men hunters. 

Moral decay is a norm at the coast, and this has led to the emergence of young thugs and gangs, which terrorise Mombasa residents with the worst cases being reported in Likoni, Kisauni, Nyali, Bamburi and Changamwe. 

I have established that poor parenting skills, laziness, unemployment, lack of religious education, drugs, and peer pressure are the leading causes of this calamity being witnessed in Mombasa. On a typical school day, I can meet many young children who are supposed to be grasping knowledge in schools but instead are loitering in streets, beaches, and entertainment social places. This is just a confirmation that education along the coast is optional and lacks seriousness. 

In a society where illiteracy is a common factor, then laziness is the next wave. After the youths lack things to do, they can quickly come up with strategies to keep them active and youthful, and the next step is to look for machetes and form a gang.

The unemployed characters loiter looking for someone and something that can satisfy their hunger and quench their lust for drugs. 

The gangs such as "the wakali kwanza", "wakali wao","accapulco" "Spanish "and "gaza" only to mention a few, are totally composed of youths aged between 12-28. Parents have failed to tame their kids and raise them with religious virtues. Schools have given up on them, the streets have placed them in God's hands, and the county government has just become a toothless dog that keeps on backing with empty threats. 

It's a controllable situation if some necessary actions are taken before it’s a wrap. 

The county government should enforce the idea that every school-going student attends the classes, this prevents laziness among them. Parents should also religiously mentor their offsprings to avoid this catastrophe happening. The NACADA group should stop watching from a far, and instead, they should be busy handling what they are paid to do. 

This gang issue should be termed as a national disaster, and all the government stakeholders should concentrate and pour their energy into this matter. 

The fact that most youths lost their jobs as a result of the SGR saga will find a way to survive, and we all know that next. Prevention is better than cure.

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