If Ruto runs against Raila in 2022, we will have a run-off — Mutahi Ngunyi

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Dec 5th 2019 at 13:55
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Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has claimed that a showdown between DP William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga in the 2022 election would be one of the most dramatic Presidential races ever.

Speaking on his YouTube channel The 5th Estate, Ngunyi predicted that the election would go for over six months.

He further opined that the BBI report was expertly assembled but failed to address a number of pressing issues, key among them being contested elections.

“#BBIReport did not RESOLVE the problem of CONTESTED elections every 5 years. If Ruto runs against Babaman, we will have a RUN-OFF.

“And the election will go on for 6 Months or more given the 'MARAGA EFFECT'. Solution: Parliamentary SYSTEM,” he remarked.

Ngunyi also stated that should Odinga opt to ditch the handshake and join Ruto, he will have ‘backslidden’ and will be considered to have made a fundamental error just before becoming President.

Raila and Ruto have previously worked together and formed a strong coalition that lost the 2007 election in dubious circumstances.

They have differed over a number of issues in the recent past and various analysts said Ruto’s body language during the launch of the BBI at Bomas of Kenya suggested that he (DP) was not particularly amused by the development but is playing his cards right.

President Kenyatta, on his part, is serving his last term and has urged the nation to stop politicizing the document.

“A week before the report was released, they were going around criticising the report … now that the report is out, they have changed tact.

“You are not stupid,” he said, “read (BBI report) it for yourselves. You know what you want, Kenyans want peace, unity and the proper use of their resources in a way that will help the local Mwananchi,” said the Head of State in Mang’u on Wednesday.

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