How Higher learning institutions have failed the country

By Oluchina Antony | Thursday, Dec 5th 2019 at 08:53
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Education is the key to unlock the contemporary predicaments we face in the ordeal society.

Currently, Higher learning institutions and technical vocational colleges in Kenya are awarding different certificates to graduates for exemplary performance in class and fields.

The current state of universities and colleges in Kenya is ailing severely. Back in the 1970s-1990s the institutions were highly respected both internally and externally. Objectivity and honor were the order in the management of universities and colleges.

Accountability in the management of finances was superb in addition to the employment of staff members, which was fair and transparent.

The awarding of certificates in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels was honest, lawful and critical.

Competition in education that period strengthened the labor force due to the employment of skilled professions.

Changes have ruled over creating room for promiscuities that have resulted in universities and colleges to go for quantity rather than quality.

Regulators of constructive and meaningful education policies have delivered below the expectation. Each academic year public universities and colleges are closed due to financial constraints, avoidable strikes by comrades, workers go slow or certification of some unclassified courses.

Administrations of the institutions have shown irresponsibleness while awarding some honors. Neighboring communities to public universities and colleges should also behave and maintain a peaceful environment for comrades to study efficiently.

Let us observe quorum to strengthen the mantle of meaningful education in the community.


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