How expensive weddings are draining pockets of Kenyans

By ODENY OSCAR OTIENO | Wednesday, Dec 4th 2019 at 11:55
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A majority of African countries and cultures wedding ceremonies are valued and celebrated as a rite of passage. However, why should one do an expensive church or traditional wedding ceremony if they can afford a decent plate of meal a day? It sounds unrealistic, doesn't it?

Most families call for Harambee's to finance these ceremonies; some go to the extent of taking expensive loans forgetting that they lavish in poverty. At the end of the day, the bitter truth sinks: the couple goes home after a happy day to start living in poverty despite doing a multi-million wedding.

Their dependents are not spared either as they have to start thinking of how to pay back loans with the little they earn, pay school fees and put some food on the table at least once a day. But you will be surprised to hear them speak of how they or their children did a "wedding of the year" and walk heads as high as poverty continues to crawl in their lineage.

It's time for Africans to change their thinking instead of telling their children to do an expensive wedding. They should tell them to do a civil wedding in the Attorney General's office and use the money to start an enterprise for their children. This will go a long way, not only improving the economic welfare of the family but also of the nation.

I will be a happy man to see communities come together to collect funds and start enterprise for new couples instead of wasting money on expensive matrimonial ceremonies. Wisdom is looking in the future and building on it.

Following religion should be the key to success not to poverty, so even as church weddings are being organised, the financial welfare of couples should be taken to account.

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